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This re-publication of the original September 1993 UN Reconnaissance Report on Rwanda by UN General Romeo Dallaire is the first volume in the International Humanitarian Law Institute “Rwanda Genocide Papers” Series of selected, previously-suppressed, UN and US government documents. They reveal a completely different “Rwanda genocide” narrative than the “long-planned genocide” myth promulgated by the RPF victors in the 1990-94 war for power and promoted by the US and UK through manipulation of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda [ICTR] at the expense of the truth.

Proposed future volumes in this series include: Volume II, 1988-1990; Build-up to war and the Uganda/RPF invasion. Volume III, 1991-1992; Post-invasion guerilla war and multi-party political intrigue. Volume IV, 1993; RPF military superiority, 1.2 million displaced by February RPF assault, economic and social destabilization, the October “Burundi genocide,” as precursors to the “Rwanda genocide” and, Volume V, 1994-5; RPF war-planning/blocking peace process, the RPF double-assassinations and resulting mass violence, as predicted by the State Department, September 1994 USAID reports to UN Annan and US Warren Christopher confirming May 17 UNHCR reports of RPF mass crimes continuing after July 1994, and US-assisted cover-up begins even before the ICTR was established by US through the Security Council in November 1994.

The documents collected in these volumes are also part of a much larger on-line collection, in the IHLI researchable database at:

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