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State Department Suggests Immunity for Unofficial Acts

For the first time in history a foreign president’s civil immunity in U.S. courts to exceed that of U.S. Presidents

Plaintiffs’ Objections to Suggestion of Immunity

US Department of State Suggestion of immunity

St. Paul, MN —  Sept 12 —  For the first time in history, the U.S. State Department has requested civil immunity for a foreign head of state in U.S. courts, beyond the immunity that U.S. Presidents can claim after Clinton v. Jones limited U.S. Presidential immunity to wrongful acts committed while head of state only.  The State Department has claimed immunity for Rwanda President Paul Kagame’s alleged wrongful acts before he was in government, an immunity which Bill Clinton could not claim from Paula Jones’ lawsuits when he was President of the United States when she alleged wrongful acts committed while he was Governor of Arkansas.

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