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Attorney Sanctioned Despite Medical Symptoms From Rwanda Detention: Consistent with ICTR Cover-up of RPF Crimes

Ntabakuze’s Lead Counsel, Prof. Peter Erlinder, was sanctioned by the Chamber of April 21 after it had received: (1) medical verification that, after March 15, Erlinder was experiencing acute medical symptoms related to his detention in Rwanda preventing his travel to Arusha; (2)Erlinder’s request to complete the 4-hour hearing by video or at the Hague, as is common at the ICTR ; or,to permit Co-counsel, who had been ill, to argue in Arusha in June. Read the rest of this entry »


Due process (procedural fairness) and Equality Before the Law are foundational concepts to which all civilized legal systems aspire. Yet most advanced nation-states adhere only imperfectly to these essential principles, even after thousands of years of experience. International Criminal law, though built upon the experience of these nation-states, is a new concept. Unlike domestic legal systems, it does not arise in an international order where “all nations are created equal.” Read the rest of this entry »